LDMF answers to the question: Do you think natural law theory generates judgments that conflict with commonsense morality?

LDMF: When a cat hunt a bird and eat it, is that moral ? to kill ? for survival? self-defense or sustainability of own clan, culture or civilization ? Each empire decided new laws for the territories that will be acquired, conquered, despite the approval or not of their inhabitants. Languages, religion, laws, customers were enforced in most of the cases. If a new species enter an stable ecosystem, it could take place that the interaction with it mat cause a great unbalance and suffering of other species.I think all depends on which side of the story your stand point is at. As well, in our modern times, a global sense of rights and wrongs has evolved, from consumers to pro-green sustainable living. But most of the planet will agree that terrorism is not an experience modern global culture would prefer. Yet, a tiger may enter the forest, and hunt until satisfied.

More on this approach: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Ethology-of-human-phenomenaNatures-phenomena-as-a-symbolic-representation-of-human-phenomena-Models-Methods-Symbols-Applications-Development-The-09-Elements-Method-Systemic-Perception-of-Human-Ph