Primordial Futurist Humanism (Prime Humanism)

Questions and Answers with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, the creator of Prime Humanism.

Why is Futurism so important for your life?

A clear vision of the future, means a coordinated effort for the upgrade of human culture and civilization. The LDMF Foundation engages into the development of visonary technologies, design of strategies necessary to ensure peace, human rights care, culture care, sustainable living, care for heritage, development and generation of wealth, innovation in technology, science, in general, into the development of an advanced global culture and civilization, a better future.

Which is the most important concern humanity should have about the future ?

One day the sun will fade, or a metheority will fall, or a parallel universes may colapse. Any of those events are so far not controlable by human technolgy, nor strategies to avoid actual culture and civilization globally to be destroyed by them, or human species to survive them. The individuals of everyday life, in the modern culture and civilization are not ready to take care of that issue, nor them together as collectives. I am certain governments around the globe have not solved the issue for the whole planet population neither, otherwise we would know.

About other possible and feasible or imaginary events in the future, i am not concerned. The future will take place, and humanity or what ever type of species capable to survive on earth with more or less intelligence will take over life, or over what ever they may consider or prefer to decide it is important for them.

Why i am not concerned? Because it is the future. Futurism is about what you can do in the present, in order to empower your current civilization and culture to develop, self-transfrom, upgrade, in self-knowledge, heart, consciousness, science and technology, peace and self-governance, social practices, policy. Futurism is about heritage, our legacy for future generations. What ever the current culture and civilization will do, will lead its development and create the future. Why to be concerned about a natural outcome of the current state of capacity to solve its own challenges humanity has? I rather dedicate efforts to enhance that capacity, skills and potential. What humanity will do with its own future, is what humanity will need to deal about. Concern about the destination that eventually will arise in a given time line makes non sense. But to focus on what one has in the present moment, series of events, changes of history, in the momentum created along the current time line, and the intelligence, consciousness, knowledge that created it. That is where our collective efforst need to be concentrated.

What ai am telling now may not be new, and the idea of an ancient civilization source of all ancient cultures is also not a new hypothesis (REF: My research on Primordial Culture, a culture that is the source, the matrix, of all cultures and civilizations our reistered history have told us about) , but what is new and now in available thanks to my research is Prime Tech Theta, a new technology able to transform our current culture and civilization, starting with the individual, family and society it self. This is the main idea behind Prime Humanism, The Primordial Humanism, a type of futurist humanist vision.

What is Primordial Humanism?

Primordial humanism focus on caring for the human as it is, protecting its design, and natural development or evolution.

Primordial humanism focus on supporting any development process which is based on laws, principles, rhythms cycles of nature, which influence the human factor.

Primordial humanism is about the human individual and collective to remember is one with nature, is nature itsel, and re-discover that by the study of nature within own self and in own creations, by collaboratiing with nature, will create a better future for own species and the planet and other species living in it.

Primordial humanism will didicate all knowledge and technology available to enhance life, living and development conditions of humanity while will not damage nor change the human design itself, for example regarding transhumanist technologies one of our main interests, is to collaborate with technologies able to develop non intrusive technology, technology that doe snot need to be attached to the human body.The idea of a hybrid human-technology-AI. is not prefered by a futurist primordial humanism.

How can people know more about Prime Humanism?

I have published several articles and e-books, we call it the red collection. Those are about enquire, but as well about a feasible, potential or already threatening future. Those futurist predictions in form of e-books, with important observations, analysis and warnings, in the fields of A.I., ICT, Technology, Society, culture, business, one can find in my book library, and are available for sales.

But the red series e-books is not the main idea behind Primordial Futurist Humanism. The vision of prime humanism suggest the use of analysis, assessment tools when one perceive or intents to describe the future, based on the data and traces of its development we have available. The use of Prime Tech Theta technology for future assessment is one of the main gifts for humanity Prime Tech Theta provides.

As well, the training program for leaders, our internship program, will bring by those tools as well as management tools, where young people, entrepreneuers, governments, communities and families can enhance their vision of future and the foundation necessary for changing their present, there for creating a new future.

Prime Humanism isnt only technology, know how, skills and self-management training necessary in order to predict the future, for exacmple those we provide to corporate customers, coaching services, in our Futurist Coach School, or Scholarship. The Primordial Futurist Humanism, it is a new alternative for perceiving future and present, ourselves, in the past, present and future.

Presentations on Prime Humanism is also another possibility. Any organization, community, intersted in our tools for prediction, in our visionary technology or know how, our vision of future, in general in our knowledge, may request interviews or presentations.

I think the best is that the organizations or individuals interested contact me and start by showing their interests through scheduling of a skype interview. (The form in this page will be useful for that aim.)