Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken – Time Line

The History of the LDMF Foundation is the history of its founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

From the Autobiography Series of Books Project some highlights of his Time Line

. 2016 The LDMF Foundation start up, organization stage between june and december 2016, since 2017 promotion of research projects, scholarship, coaching school, consultancy and recruiting of interns, volunteers, business partners for start ups and researchers.

. 2015 i will move to the Netherlands, Receive a new residency permit, ground the LDMF Foundation, and deal for few months with the process of deciding to close my last for profit company in Germany, SOUND ICT Applications and Business Consultancy.

. 2012 ( -2015) Germany, Belgium, Austria, Russia & Finland. The most painful time of my business life. But as well of important lessons and production in research, know how development, and publications.

I will balance author, research, expeditions and customer care, entrepreneurship along those years under much pressure and life threatening circumstances.

After my divorce in Germany i got to change my residence permit to business. Had to put my 5 companies online, close 3 of them in order to dont loose the investment. In 2013 after i received the business residency in germany i got life threatened by a corporate entrepreneur. I did travel since then in Europe, Russia and Finland. Had to leave in 3 days for safety reasons.

In Belgium 2013 i did a wonderful research work on community building, business skills and self-management in collaboration with the KOTs of LLN UCL University.

I did run a travelers club online again for another 2 years until 2014 end.

With one company registered still in Germany, SOUND, ICT Applications & Consultancy i managed in 2014 to offer 3 intensive consultancy services on 14 business projects. My customer did show not the kind of ability necessary for partnership and i did shift to external consultancy. This company still has a debt with me of 22500.00 CHF, my lawyers in Switzerland are still fighting for that money.

In 2014 summer i did head to Russia, lived off the grid with 200 EUR per month. Got attacked after a multidisciplinary archaeology and cultural expedition. But thanks to wonderful russian people i left to travel russia black sea coast until i left to Finland.

Back in Finland, ( I visited the country three times, 2012, 2013 and 2014 i got two jobs and started a peace work project with performing artists. But my business german visa was ended without warning by german government as i did not live in germany those years (I was traveling for safety reasons, and they did not warm my lawyer in Germany) either case, the Finish government asked me (November 2014) for a new residency permit, which will be on hold until april 2016 (I was living in the Netherlands already with a residency and business permit).

In Finland the business and social network committed supporting me, but more than few abused my condition and agreements with them, Many received services and coaching with the promise to pay later, as soon as i get my residency permit in Europe, over 15000. EUR I am again still waiting for that money.

I discovered my business partner and employer in Finland did not send all documents necessary for them to finally give me the residency and working permit as director of coaching services for this company. But he did drink from my know how for about 1 year with a promise of trust and friendship. He got even a power to ask for the 15000 EUR in Finland my customers had to pay me. I have not hear from him since then. Another lesson: No business partnership is true unless made tangible the promises of collaboration.

I learned the lesson: Ask for the money first, provide the service, content later. Even if there is a contract Europe is not any more as before. And customers intent to pay less or extend payment time.

In 2012 after getting life threatened, i had the feeling of being the right time to prepare my retirements and legacy. I had my know how ready, tested, a good legacy for the world. Yet, some publications were necessary (done around 2015 2016 and 2017) and a new not for profit organization had to be grounded, a foundation to care for the know how, technology and legacy for future generations. So i did travel for some years looking for the right location and legal form of the organization

. 2011.00 I started to eat raw food, and i loved it. I took again over two new yoga systems and finally in 2013 decided to create my own: Prime Yoga.

. 2011.00 Got a Pet, best friend called Tino

. 2011.00 I grounded the ICT & Business Consultancy Company SOUND – Sensory Emotional Sound Applications.

. 2009.00 Based Camp Klagenfurt, every summer i will visit the world body painting festival, and enjoy a summer vacation at the Woerthersee, until 2013.

. 2008. Home Base, Darmstadt, hessen, Germany. Back from a private research project in Israel (Kibuts and community building), i landed back into the city of Darmstadt. There i grounded about 5 companies until 2011, some of them dedicated to provide real experience to my students others for join venture. Only one of these companies was still open after my divorce in 2012 and along my travel in Europe until 2016.

2008.00 Travel to Israel, Research project on team building and collaboration, community building model and its development, survival in modern western culture. Visited Jerusalem, Holon and Tel Aviv.

. 2007.00 While waiting for a new working permit in Germany, i will write, and publish my first series of books and prepare the materials for consultancy services and business trainings in Germany. I will do some mentorship and support of youth projects online, and advise youth with ADHH, ADHD & Autism on self-management practices and some structure for them to run their projects. As well i will help a circle of parents interested to bring meditation in children schools, We did provide some courses within school hours to children, They loved it.

. .2007.00 Travel to Darmstadt, Germany. Base camp.

. 2007.00 Travel to Montpellier, France. Base camp.

. 2006.00 Moved to Tuscany, Italy, Base Camp. Real state business consultancy customer.

. 2006.00 Moved to Kanton Bern Switzerland, Base Camp

. 2006.00 Moved to Zurich, Switzerland, Base Camp

.2005.00 Education for adults, one year in Switzerland. A wonderful complementary education adding technical references to my work and experience. I did another year on environmental care education methods in Peru 1999 by a conservationist NGO. Plus a long training on weekends for few years on pedagogy for special children.

I would start with education and arts training since 1996, at Rudolf Steiner Pedagogy method, as well as Environment Care education for high school teachers training. Later on in 2008 i will start continues training at Berlitz in Germany.

. 2004.00 My First Business register in EUROPE. Web publishing, business consultancy, education in culture and languages. But as well new free lance services which included personal development trainings and therapeutic services. I was so glad the social health insurance approved my massage-healing sessions and trainings and supported my customer. That was a GO! It is not easy that insurances take you serious when you are an alternative therapist. Those years i started again a service in languages. Started the business with 50 CHF in 6 months i was in 3000.00 CHF income per month. not bad! I loved Switzerland! Along my first divorce the company did not receive much attention and i had to travel again for finding my own life balance. I closed the company in 2007.

. 2003.00 Moved to Winthertur, Switzerland. Home Base 2003. The Chilean government contacted me in 2003 while i was in Switzerland announcing my business residence and register of company in Chile was welcome. I was living already about 1 year in Chile waiting for those documents. So i decided to travel to Europe again. When i got the news i was already into a new business project in Europe engaged.

. 2002 .00 Moved to Pucon, Chile. Home Base 2002

. 1999.00 Learn to dance sound with dolphines, in Lima, An experience that will bring me later to meet Dolphins in the Black Sea Russia in 2014. A book came out of my experiences with them: Meditation under water.

. 1999.00 From the caravans Project to the TCI- NGO, Traveling culture international association. In 1999, i will cocreate a new concept for travel club based on the idea that a culture is defined by common history, language and territory. The travelers culture did birth. The caravans project shifted in one year when i arrived to the travelers town of Huaraz, in Peru, there i grounded my very first official organization, before i was working only as free lancer. The Traveling Culture International Association of travelers will care for community development drop in projects i designed in order to empower local organizations, business, networks and professionals, with information, concepts, strategies, skills, technology transfer (Natural self development, total integrated quality), social communication for development street children, tourism and sustainability , responsible travel and culture immersion. Travelers volunteers will collaborate with the projects, trainings, services and presentations. The organization will be self sustained. The funding was generated by my professional services as trainer, consultant and healer. About 9 cities will receive direct benefit of my work, and 18 cities will welcome me on the road. The NGO did shift in 2003 to a for profit company i did start register in Chile in 2003.

. 1998.00 My first massage and energy healing customer in Lima, after i did complete my training in Shiatsu, back from 1 year travel in Europe. I dedicated time to my customers and travel from customer to customer, health centre to health centre. After some time i suggested my customers to learn self-care, preventive health techniques and take more responsibility for their health. Finally a shared house with an office just for me where i could receive my customers, just at the costanera, in front of the sea, after healing, hands on body and massage work i will work at the sunset time and listen to nice music in front of the ocean. I took complete course of Reiki and several energy healing practices, the fine quality of perception, awareness and experience of another quality of emotions and empowerment those trainings brought to me were essential for my work on emotional intelligence, self-management and human potential. In 1999 i did continue traveling and left all my therapy equipment and materials to therapists friends in Lima. I will any case provide sessions and consultations, trainings while abroad at travelers lodges (Chile) and Hotels (Swiss Hotel, Huaraz).I will keep working in healing and massage while living in Switzerland (recognized by a swiss health insurance i will receive some customers for preventive health and emotional body awareness through body work and performing arts), until my travel back to Germany. In 2009 i will stop providing healing sessions in Germany and massage trainings in my own methods, as for in Germany alternative therapists will be pushed by many as non scientific. Some natural healers were placed into jail; to bring healing services forward would had need from me more investment and dedication i was not interested in. As massage was not my main stream of work, i will keep the energy and massage sessions only as friendship gift, and dedicate more time and energy to build and complete my consultancy services, where health care principles will be also integrated. My focus turned 100% to consultancy in business.

. 1997.00 I did follow a variety of courses on meditation, dances, art, massage, music, body therapy in Switzerland, as part of my research on human factor. This year i designed my second organization, planned as a travelers club dedicated to engage into sustainable global development, consultancy, technology transfer, cultural exchange, self-management training and several projects of coscial character, care for culture, nature, will be integrated in that project, to run since 1999.

. 1997.00 Moved to Basel, Switzerland

. 1997.00 Moved to Sursee, Switzerland

. 1997.00 Got interested into conscious sexuality. I have been already interested into gender studies since 1993. Yet conscious sexuality open a new dimension of experience and field of study, research, regarding human potential. I write my first books after 2007. Later on in 2015 i will launch anot for profit campaign for peace with the title: “all you need is love” and teach and write on the results of my work on conscious sexuality, family and human potential.

. 1997.06 My best friend passed away. Misha was not only a healer, but a being of great wisdom, love and joy! After passing through so much together, healing each other, playing and missing each other on the distance, While i was living in Switzerland she passed away in so much pain. I miss you loving friend.

. 1997.00 Futurist analysis. Mostly included in my own books Since 2012 the red series and golden series of my books, include publication that are dedicated to futurism. Later on in 2015 i will provide futurist analysis and coaching, consultancy, risk management (2016).

. 1997.00 Left the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Lima

. 1996. My first trip to Colan Piura in Peru, later travel Southamerica and Europe until today. Will combined base camp travel, home base travel (when married or for business location reasons), lifestyle travel (continues travel), project or business based travel, as well as multidisciplinary archeaology and cultural exploration expeditions to several countries in Eurasia and South-America. To live abroad traveling is one of the most empowering life schools i ever had. Here a video telling some passages of my story.

1993.06 Trainer, Facilitator. Started to lead a multidisciplinary students-circle, which did run for about 5 years. Later i will teach as trainer to organizations Team Building, Self-leadership, Natural Self-development, Emotional Self-management. I will teach then while abroad traveling to NGOs. As well facilitate workshops on natural self-development, self-management to NGOs, corporate leaders, CEOs, and travelers through a not for profit organization grounded in 199/2000 until 2002.

. 1993.00 Starts Meditation & Yoga. At University, Meditation, 2013 Austria, Germany, Belgium Trained variety of yoga practices since 1990, created own meditation and yoga system, to be thought since 2007. Prime Do & Prime Yoga, which as well integrates martial arts principles.

. 1993.04 Design and lead a multidiscplinary study group dedicated to team building, leadership and self-management. About 80 students from several faculties will join me. A successful program that will follow up the same ideas i did apply in 1987. A new stage for my work, which will inspire me to leave the IT Branch for some time and dedicate to human factor and sustainable development later on.

. 1991.00 Start Studying at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Science and Math for engineering. Along the last years of university i did focus on philosophy of science, ICT Software programming, Multidisciplinary team building and leadership.

. 1990.00 I start writing, first PRIVATE PUBLICATIONS: Poetry since 1990, Stories since 1993

Technical (management) 2007, Futurism 2012, Sacred Love 2009, Culture & Human Rights 2007/2011 Technology & Business 2007. Publications by lulu[.]com , gumroad, scribd, and since 2017 Research gate.

. 1990.00 Start studies at Cybertech, Industrial Management. In Lima Peru

. 1989.00 Moved to Lima, Peru.

. 1987.00 I collaborated with a known photographer, by promoting and selling his photo books. This job i will continue at the time of university later in 1996/7.

. 1987.00 Since 1975, 87 several experience in nature that i understand now as spiritual experiences, part of my own spiritual journey, brought to my awareness of another dimension and meaning of life. Between 1990 and 1997 i had an increasing interest on spiritual circles and their teachings. My search for an understanding of the human potential brought me to 36 disciplines but as well to the data on several “spiritual”organizations, regarding stages of human development and the conditions necessary for one individual to achieve them through application of their methods. Never identified with any mayor religion but did explore on their organizations and approaches to life, aims and culture. In 1997 a mayor personal spiritual experience brought all my life together and gave clarity on my spiritual dreams and experiences since and before birth in particular those when about 3 years old and later. I will travel and visit spiritual circles that resonated with the knowledge within my self awakened. I will find the application of knowledge on those circles was not correct. After suggesting an upgrade to them, and after their response, i decided to leave them. In 2007 i will decide to stop looking for similar teachings and knowledge as mine and teach. So i will start writing my books and teaching in a public form. As results of my experience as consultant and coach, trainer, study on human potential, i looked for a cultural or religious view that would describe my current approach. Neo-Polytheism is a simple description of my beliefs which do not limit themselves to Greece, but to all gods and goddesses of the earth quantum realms and beyond, each of them expression of the prime source of all that is. A polytheist view with a monotheist foundation. My continues research on prime archeology (Search of traces of the primordial culture, through multidisciplinary archaeology, and cultural explorations expeditions, will bring me tangible objective and spiritual proofs that i have been researching in the right track.

. 1987.00 MY FIRST BUSINESS DESIGN I did design the first company, i wish i would have those documents still, but it was a very neat organizational structure, business culture guidelines, values, matrix type of organization, holistic and humanist.

. 1987.00 I start to become vegetarian. With no political nor spiritual background, I just feel glad about reducing meat consumption. Later on in 1997 i will become 100% vegetarian. In 2000 i will try few grams of meat per month, and switch later in 2012 to raw food, and later vegan until 2015.

. 1987.00 My grandfather was one of the most wonderful gifts life gave to me, he was kind, clear, strong and wise. He thought me about life and love more than any other one i know. He actually initiated me in business, perception, wealth-ability and love for family and nature.

. 1987.00 My very FIRST TEAM BUILDING process management. Leading a patrol at the highlands of Southamerica, scouts that lived in nature and were all about having fun testing themselves with life, developing own skills, and highly competitive. I reached the mark of 14 team members highly motivated, skilful, wining all the games. Our patrol got divided later on by the troop managers, in order to create 3 new patrols. To compete against each other we did not like. The results of the successful training strategy applied gave me the inspiration to develop team building and leadership training to be provided later to companies, as well as show me my skills for organization and management. The experience with power based authorities and how important are friendship, emotions and self-determination, facing the troop manager dividing us on purpose as our level of performance was to high for the whole troop. It did show me the importance of finding alternatives that are constructive and respect individuals development, for example, to include all my patrol team members as assistants for the troop managers or as troop managers, would have had the result of enhancing whole troop performance. Collaboration and empowerment would have been my choice. But we were never asked, what we wanted to do.

. 1984.00 my FIRST BUSINESS, was to rent video games at school and also at my grandmothers home. I brought few other friends together and created the first at home arcade, with Atari, Nintendo and mobile video games we all had. I made enough money for summer, my first LP “Soda Stereo” and realized that i do really enjoy business. The business went very well until my high school called my parents: “children used their lunch money for gaming…”.

. 1984.03 Got a pet called Misha.

. 1984.00 Moved to the Highlands of Peru. Over 3500.00 m. At a valley of over 6600. mts mountains national park, destination of climbers and nature lovers. Home base 1984, Base Camp 2000

. 1982.00 Left Pestalozzi Primary School.

. 1980. 00 Start studies of martial arts. Like Yudo, later karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, tai chin, chi gong, systema, and other forms of the art. To later develop own martial art, with meditative and emotional self-transfromation purposes, designed to build up peaceful and non violent skills, thought since 2007. Prime Do.

. 1978.00 Start studies in Lima Peru, Pestalozzi Primary School. We did 80% of our lessons in german language. Empowering multicultural setting and education based on an European Education System.

. 1978.00 1990 1998 Awakening Dreams. Awakening Lucid Dreams Series Start: martial arts training on light bolt bodies, encounters with devas, sacred sexuality transmission, inter-dimensional encounters, and all possible type of adventure stories to be experienced along my dreams.

. 1977.00 Moved to Lima Peru

. 1975.00 Moved to Tirol, Home Base 1975 / Base Camp 2012,2013

. 1975.00 Moved to Austria, Home Base 1975 / Base Camp 2012

. 1975.00 Multidisciplinary archaeology and Culture exploration expeditions. Since i was a child did live in great connection with nature. Natural landscapes, forest and castles in Europe where i was living for some time, became a powerful inspiration for me to search in nature and history for more. My intuitions after visiting several archeological sites in South America, Israel, Russia and Europe, as well as nature locations with particular fields of consciousness and energy alive in them, brought me to the understanding that there is a culture, i call prime culture, ancient, that is the core and uplifting empowering force that moves and develops and had develop and will develop all cultures of human history. Prime archeology became since then not only my hobby but a continues research and study, accessing prime technology and sharing it, as well as reactivating centers of knowledge and resonance of the prime culture.

. 1975.09 Playing in the forests of Europe, with elves and fairies.

. 1972.09 Started Working at Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken My birth, not to be taken for granted. I am glad i did pass through all i did, already written in the stars and in every cell of my body. From DNA family houses in nordic, spanish, italian, arabic, chinese, slavic countries (eventually also german ones), borned in Southamerica.