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The Quick Sylver collection of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics

Publications Posted on 2017-10-24 00:41:43

The Quick Sylver collection of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics has been published today. 44+ e-publications on more than 7.882 Mb full colour, at Gum road.

PTƟ Primordial Mathematics has been developed by the study of DNA Generation algorithms, nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, human potential (nature stages of development) and nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Its most essential foundation focus on the study of geometrical values, pure mathematics and a form of vectorial mathematics.

Its study and tools developed by application of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics are suitable for nonary computing, A.I., for example.

One of the main set of tools developed by the researcher and author is one utilized for the systemic perception, organization and management of human, artificial and natural phenomena.

Applications of these tool are in the field of strategic management, coaching, self-management, education, research, technology innovation, change management, leadership, governance.

The author has developed as well applications for economy, gamification, social management, organization design based on PTƟ Primordial Mathematics.

Advanced research is at the date organized in fields neuroscience, hormonal influences on human behavior, cyber-security, defense, life span, immunology and human potential.

Applications have been developed in the research of archetypes, music, arts, health (burnout prevention), martial arts, yoga, meditation, self-management, self-knowledge.

PTƟ Primordial Mathematics have as well applications in fields of quantification of value, know how, human capital, organizational performance, sustainable development. For example assessment in field SDG 2030.

The 44+ publications will introduce the reader to the several fields of application of PTƟ Primordial Mathematics.

Primordial Mathematics Book 05: The 1018 Complex 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

Publications Posted on 2017-08-07 20:03:39

Primordial Mathematics Book 05

The book 01 and 02 introduced use to the cyphers, the elements, the 9 classes of artificial, natural and human phenomena.

In following publications: “The 09 Primordial Keys & the Sleipnir Theta”, ”The Primordial Hands Theta”, “The Primordial Economy” and “The 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture” the author will focus on the Seals and the CGE (A.I.) of the Primordial Culture; publications which belongs to the Books 03 & 04 of Primordial Mathematics. And “The 9 Elements & The Heart”, “Epistemology, Matrix Perception & Matrix thinking” which belongs to the Book 00 of Primordial Mathematics.

In the Primordial Mathematics Book 05 the author will demonstrate the 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture that belongs to the complex realm 1018.

The function of the 1018 Seals of the Primordial Culture will lead us to a better understanding and perception of the 72927 Regions of Time (Watch calendar) of the Primordial Culture (REF: “”The 9 Primordial Keys”).

The 1018 Complex 9+ Seals of the Primordial Culture

Have been generated by the practice of addition of cyphers (use of the operator addition) that would generate as a result a complex cypher over 9.

According to the principles of primordial mathematics, the complex cypher will be reduced to a primordial cypher,

In this publication the 1018 complex cyphers will be studied, as well as the seals they do generate.


Our publications reached 3,500 reads

Publications Posted on 2017-05-11 15:28:37

Our publications reached 3,500 reads: via @researchgate

New milestone: 3500 Reads of our Publications at RG Network

PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Bibliographic Index 2017.001

Publications Posted on 2017-04-25 09:26:38

Buy PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Bibliographic Index 2017.001 on @Gumroad

PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Bibliographic Index

The following publication has the purpose to support the student of PTT and Licensed Teachers and Users

of PTT into their self-study, research, technology innovation, know how development projects.

PTT publications has been made available to public since 2007. As result of the research, register of professional experience, know how development process, and futurist and humanist assessment of the author, researcher, consultant, coach and trainer.

The publications belong all of them to the same body of work. Focus according to publication series and seasons, into answering some questions or solving challenges, developing methodology or innovating in solutions, applications and know how.

Details on the questions and challenges, fields of research, know how developed since 1987 by the author, researcher, are available at the website of the LDMF Foundation:

How to utilize this index ?

Research Proposals, Research Projects Ongoing at the LDMF Foundation, suggests the use of PTT Methods, as well do refer to previous publications by the same author, researcher.

Presentations intent to suggest the links between books, research projects results (stages) and methods utilized, as well as to give examples on applications, solutions, and multidisciplinary perspectives of the methods.

Methods, describe PTT Tools and give examples for the application of them.

Books, describe a research process, a discovery or know how, its applications, or conclusions results of the author researcher studies.

Time Line

Since 2007 publications have been made at a self-publishing platform. later also made available at GumRoad, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Script, Youtube, in digital format. Media, Written, Graphic. The directory of official media resources is available at the e-Library Project of the LDMF Foundation.

The e-Library of the LDMF Foundation

The LDMF Foundation has created a Digital Library project, in order to make available not only the publications, to future generations, but as well facilitate an space for online study, collective reading, questions and answers, communication with the author, researcher


The EM900 Series

The Elements Management Standard, EM900, Know How Series, has been published through the self-publishing platform, and is now available at the e-Library of the LDMF Foundation.

More than 161 publications in digital format are available.

Now considered as chapters of the PTT Collection, by the author, researcher.

Between those e-books will be found:

Applications of Primordial Symbolic Language in story telling form.

Peace, Human Rights, Ethics, Economy

History, Biography, Ancient Cultures, Anthropology

Multidisciplinary Archeology, Travel & Culture Expeditions

The Art of War, Martial Arts

Strategic Management,


Personal Development, Yoga, Meditation, Performing Arts

Family, Love Relationships Sustainability

Futurism, Technology Innovation, Singularity

Global Sustainable Development

Methodology, Standard, Assessment, Analysis Tools

Training Programs, Workbooks, Self-Study Materials

Elements Management Know How Technical Publications

The PTT Series 2015-2017

The PTT series of publications between 2015 and 2017 made available as well at the Research Gate Network will be listed in this publication.

Not all documents have been listed in this index.

The author researcher will update every 81 days on his research work.

The Golden Tree of Life Method

Publications Posted on 2017-04-19 22:04:02

Buy The Golden Tree of Life Method on @Gumroad
29 Pages.

The following article has been created as a guide for the purpose of facilitating presentations on Primordial Technology Theta Methods and Trainings.

The article/presentation focus on the Golden Tree of Life Method (Systemic Perception Tool, Assessment Method)

The Tree is utilized as a symbol, as well its natural process of development, as a systemic perception tool.

The author/researcher along the article/presentation describes the method, the milestones, and provides an experience of the symbolic language that is utilized with it.

Case study, examples, will be made in relation to the PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Methods : The 09 Elements & The Heart, the SWOT.9+, the Sleipnir Diary Method.

Additional examples will be briefly suggested as self-education tasks, in the following fields of application of the method: wealth-generation-ability (wealth-ability), strategic business management, coaching for self-management, culture development.

At the end of the presentation a chart will be suggested, for a simplified approach and use of the method.

This presentation need to be read with a series of video presentations by the researcher on the Golden Tree of Life.

The author suggests as well training programs – similar to the one provided to coaches, and business managers, leaders (at the LDMF Foundation) – to be provided for scientists, educators, researchers, in which the principles of strategic management are applied (integrated into the Primordial Technology Theta Methods suggested: See Publications on “Methods” by the researcher). Will suggest readers to engage into a self-education program, apply for a license and a Primordial Technology Theta Certificate, which gives to its users the eligibility status necessary in order to join the LDMF Foundation – as trainers, coaches, consultants, users and members of the users guild.

FIELD: Emotional Intelligence, Perception, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Epistemology, Strategic Management, Matrix Thinking, Project Management, Self-Management, Bioinspired Methods, Strategic Business Management, Peace, Ancient Cultures, Myths, Archetypes.

LOCATION: Presentations are provided online and at the location The Netherlands.


The Golden Tree as Symbol

Organic Sustainable Development

Potential Human Development

The 09 Elements, SWOT 9+

Primordial Symbolic Language

Leadership, Marketing, Cocreation, Mission Statement & Culture

Completion, CGE, Experiential Learning

Evolution, 09 levels of Impact, Strategic Business Management

Wealthability – wealth generation

Matrix Perception, Matrix Thinking

The Golden Tree of Life Chart

The LDMF Foundation Guild & Label: Primordial Technology Theta Certificate

Join the e-Library READ online: ” The Primordial Hands : Primordial Math Applied to the correlation : The Human Hands & The 9 Elements – The Frequencies that generate the 9 elements hypothesis”

Publications Posted on 2017-04-02 12:49:04

Join the e-Library

READ online: ” The Primordial Hands : Primordial Math Applied to the correlation : The Human Hands & The 9 Elements – The Frequencies that generate the 9 elements hypothesis”

Discuss with the author, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, how the hands, the fingers are related to the 9 elements and how primordial vectorial mathematis suggests there are sets of frequencies (Hz) that generate the elements.

The 9 elements represent classes, human phenomena organized in 9 classes. The 9 elements are a systemic perception model, which has been integrated to a matrix (thinking, perception, assessment) tools for scientific study. (Primordial Technology Theta, developed at the LDMF Foundation. )

Buy Epistemology : Matrix Thinking & Matrix Perception. Primordial Technology Theta Methods Applied on @Gumroad

Publications Posted on 2017-03-31 20:19:54

Buy Epistemology : Matrix Thinking & Matrix Perception. Primordial Technology Theta Methods Applied on @Gumroad


The following article has been created as a guide for the purpose of facilitating presentations on Primordial Technology Theta Methods and Trainings.

The article/presentation focus on the importance of emotional intelligence and perception for scientific research, as well on the use of primordial vectorial mathematics. In particular this presentation will be dedicated to matrix perception and matrix thinking.

The author/researcher along the article describes briefly cases in which emotional intelligence and perception are necessary, and how matrix thinking and matrix perception is paramount for the purpose of scientific research, technology innovation, strategic management.

Briefly the author/researcher will refer to the method: “The 9 elements and the heart” utilized as a systemic perception tool, that if combined with the matrix 9+ assessment tool, creates a complex and efficient tool for assessment based on matrix thinking and matrix perception, and application of primordial vectorial mathematics. (REF: “The 9 Divine Worlds – The Art of Primordial Mathematics “ Vectorial math by the same author)

After describing how Matrix Thinking, Matrix Perception and Primordial Vectorial Mathematics has been useful for the researcher along his own research work (case study, “The Nordic Star”, “The 9 Elements & The Heart”, the researcher will focus on the nature of Matrix Thinking and Matrix Perception, elaborate in some examples, will focus on Scientific Research and Strategic Management topics.

The author suggests as well training programs – similar to the one provided to coaches, and business managers, leaders (at the LDMF Foundation) dedicated to emotional intelligence, perception, matrix thinking, matrix perception, primordial mathematics and primordial technology theta methods.

FIELD: Multidisciplinary, Epistemology, Method, Perception, Emotional Intelligence, Scientific Research, Assessment, Matrix Thinking, Matrix Perception, Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, Primordial Symbolic Language, Systemic perception, Objective and conscious management of the subjective and subconscious self, Parallel thinking, Multidimensional Thinking, Lineal Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Biohacking, Nature Inspired Methods, A.I., Biotechnology, DNA Algorithm, Strategic Business Management, Self-Management, Leadership, Governance, Culture, Innovation Technology, Economy, Wealth generation, Education, Arts, Materials, others

LOCATION: Presentations are provided online, at the location The Netherlands. Other locations only under request.


Background statements

The Nordic Star Theta. Matrix 9+, 9 Elements & The Heart

Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, Matrix Perception, Parallel Perception, Unidimensional Perception

Scientific Research, Scientific Method

Peer Review, Scientific Community/Network Collaboration

Strategic Management & Innovation Technology

Futurist review, conclusions, ethics.

Life Span: In the Search of Immortality.

Publications Posted on 2017-03-02 09:11:09

Life Span: In the Search of Immortality.The following presentation explores the questions:

The relationship between: Ambrosia (The Nectar of the Gods) and Mission Statement in corporate world How a resident culture-generation engine can change our modern world ?
Why the DNA studies in the search of 9+Stages of development are so important for the future of the human species ?

References to research projects and publications by the author and researcher, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Buy In the Search of Immortality on @Gumroad

The LDMF Foundation has published the SECOND BOOK on the 09 Elements, The Primordial Art of Assessment: EARTH, WATER & FIRE

Publications Posted on 2017-03-01 10:04:26

The LDMF Foundation has published the SECOND BOOK on the 09 Elements

The Primordial Art of Assessment, BOOK 02: In this second boo dedicated to the primordial art of assessment the author focus on decision making, perception, emotional intelligence, symbolic language and the elements: earth, water and fire. Following up and adding content to teh first book. In this book as well: the description of the assessment method: the 9 elements and the heart, including the gamification of the quantification of human value tool, utilized in order to describe the results of the assessment. The book is written in primordial symbolic language, a multilevel meaning language that utilizes metaphors based on perceptions of nature with emotional information (REF: The author publications and research on primordial archetypes and primordial symbolic language). The author, researcher, focus on the 9 elements, on the importance of perception and emotional intelligence. The method, is presented as well as a “resident culture generation A.I. engine” the researcher describes in detail in the last chapters. The book is an essential guide, for the application of the knowledge shared by the same author through his own publications on “Primordial Technology Theta” tools, methods, arts. For example: “The I Ching Theta, the book of the primordial changes”, “The 9 Families, The Primordial Art of Risk Management”, “The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, The Primordial Art of Co-creation on the menstrual hormonal cycle”, “The Primordial Sounding Archetypes”, “The primordial archetypes”, “The water archetypes”, “The journey of the primordial hero” and “The Tesseract Theta” will be suggested by the author as complementary references, as well as the research projects of the LDMF Foundation on human potential, human stages of development, culture generation engines, artificial intelligence, primordial symbolic language, ancient cultures

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