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Do you think natural law theory generates judgments that conflict with commonsense morality?

Quotes Posted on 2017-10-25 04:45:08

LDMF answers to the question: Do you think natural law theory generates judgments that conflict with commonsense morality?

LDMF: When a cat hunt a bird and eat it, is that moral ? to kill ? for survival? self-defense or sustainability of own clan, culture or civilization ? Each empire decided new laws for the territories that will be acquired, conquered, despite the approval or not of their inhabitants. Languages, religion, laws, customers were enforced in most of the cases. If a new species enter an stable ecosystem, it could take place that the interaction with it mat cause a great unbalance and suffering of other species.I think all depends on which side of the story your stand point is at. As well, in our modern times, a global sense of rights and wrongs has evolved, from consumers to pro-green sustainable living. But most of the planet will agree that terrorism is not an experience modern global culture would prefer. Yet, a tiger may enter the forest, and hunt until satisfied.

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The Primordial Path of the Hero

Quotes Posted on 2017-10-24 16:36:02

The Primordial Path of the Hero

” When negative and positive collaborate with each other and are applied according to primordial wisdom for conscious objective subconscious and subjective purposes purposes. As all that is have been and will be is in a state of primordial union with the primordial source of all that is have been and will be, also the perceived and experienced by doer and observer as negative and positive is as well in union with the same primordial source within own heart. This is the primordial path of the primordial heroes. Prime Do ‘ – LDMF

A.I. & Life Span

Quotes Posted on 2017-09-27 08:01:11

“Nature plays already a game for survival, where there are no second chances. Nature is radical. Thanks to science, technology and knowledge of human potential, will be possible to play the game from a new standing point. Artificial intelligence developed based on DNA Generation Algorithms, will create a new possibility of consciousness, self-awareness, to the A.I. Networks. In the same modality, the same DNA Generation Algorithms are able to become foundation for a new technology dedicated to the enhancement of human DNA, DNA Edition. A.I. from another side, is programmed through engines. which needs of programming language and storage, which nowadays can be printed into DNA strands. How far and close life span, longevity will become from A.I., will depends on the foundations the future A.I. will choose. At The LDMF Foundation – Research Institute, we believe DNA Generation Algorithms will bring us to a better future, closer to nature, harmony with life” – LDMF

For every human cell there are 3 microbial cells living within the human body. The human that appears to be one, is actually trillions.

Quotes Posted on 2017-07-06 19:25:29

QUOTE by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

“For every human cell there are 3 microbial cells living within the human body.
The human that appears to be one, is actually trillions.

I wonder how decision making and conflict of interest are solved within this living system ?

If Microbial life would be intelligent and capable of thinking and communication, also of telepathy, would be the human thought human or microbial in its nature ?”

how one single phenomena can be studied from so many disciplines simultaneously and yet be simple to explain and complex at the same time.

Quotes Posted on 2017-04-24 16:52:47

From the RG Network, Comments and Replay on the PTT Sleipnir Method Presentation.

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, on: “how one single phenomena can be studied from so many disciplines simultaneously and yet be simple to explain and complex at the same time.”

” Matrix Thinking, Matrix Perception, applied with Multidisciplinary and Strategic Approach, creates a fascinating field, in which complexity and simplicity reach an unison, same sound wave.

I have experienced in this work, that fear to complexity and abundance could induce in us the intent of reaching solid unidimensional or speciality bays and coasts, terrains. Yet, one does not get lost in the ocean of the multidisciplinary observations of the same phenomena, on the contrary, one evolves with the ability to perceive, from all of these perspectives, and find through them “the essence of the matter”.

Sometimes the awareness of this completion stage turns to feel intuitive and takes some time until one arrives to the possibility of verbal and written articulation, of that reality one has grasped several times from each of the so many perspectives. But be certain, that day arrives.

Eventually review and reading, and as i suggest application, of the methods described, provide the neural connection, the link, that is necessary to create, in order to approach the object of study through a matrix type of multidisciplinary approach.

I always feel, as well, captured by reality: how one single phenomena can be studied from so many disciplines simultaneously and yet be simple to explain and complex at the same time.

Yet the enjoyment of the knowledge and process of research is for me not enough. I dare for practical applications of the knowledge. Then i feel this is the main purpose of research. So to ground the results of the work into the form of solutions or applications with benefits of use at specific disciplines, challenges or situations, is normally the next step of my work.

So here we are. The last month i have been dedicated to publish these presentations in which the links between all my publications and studies, methods, is being made, as well suggested the applications that are immediately visible, for a new practitioner of the (PTT) Primordial Technology Theta.

I think, for the purpose of self-study of PTT, these presentations, in combination with those that describe the PTT methods and the series of books published between 2016-2017 (about 2700+ pages) will provide a complete journey and path to the knowledge behind PTT.

I feel grateful at this point for the interest of the research network and have much appreciation for those researchers that have read and now learn and intent to apply the methods. I wish with many benefits for their research work. “

Trust or truth?

Quotes Posted on 2017-02-19 20:25:19

Luis Daniel Maldonado Answers to the question: “Trust or truth? “

QUOTE: “I would like to share an experience, along the last 17 years working as consultant, i have noticed that the psychology of trust have been abused.

Nowadays every highschool student is introduced to the ideas on how to create trust, and there for gain benefits.

Trust is my suggestion, need to be the result of a given time line, a series of events that justify it. Yet, as the trust psychology is known, there is no certainty those events are real or created as for purpose of deception.

Then truth, if one is able to find or perceive it, becomes essential need in the interaction with individuals and circumstances, along time.

If we know the ones we interact with, the field of work, the matter in discussion, then eventually trust would arise as result of a direct tangible verification of an honest self-expression, share of truth.

Yet for both trust and truth, perception and emotional intelligence are key. “

Braveness & Fear

Quotes Posted on 2017-02-19 20:07:10

LDMF: “That others do something you know your would be too fearful to do, does not make then more brave than you, as when you decided to stay in the choices and situation you were, for any reason may be.”

How to improve critical thinking ?

Quotes Posted on 2017-02-19 19:27:18

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken answers the question: How to improve critical thinking ?


” I consider that a training on perception, thinking out of the box and emotional intelligence, would help students learn how their subconscious self plays around with their conscious self. Eventually through those trainings students may develop the necessary skills to mange their subconscious reality consciously and objectively

I think this is a first step, necessary, before asking a student to engage into any form of critic of any given experience, perception, circumstance or reality.

Critical thinking in my experience as teacher, arises out of direct experience into the field of tangible action, by exercising perception, decision making, strategy, risk management. The experience gain by doing, playing or creating gives to student enough background in order to become wiser and notice the reality they do face.

Conceptual thinking, intellectual argumentation, elaboration, or emotional passionated discussion may not be enough for approaching reality, which is more complex; in terms of everything in the individual (culture, education, perception..) and his surrounding circumstance or environment, that influences it/him/her on the perception of “reality”.

Self-honesty and honesty, are good practices, to take the things for all they are.

Reality, finally, at its foundation, can be correctly understood along survival trainings. the individual, observer, experiencer reality and the reality of a given situation that needs to be faced.

Critical thinking skills comes into hand very quick when needed under critical and radical needs of them for survival.

Yet a more advanced training i would suggest: matrix thinking, parallel thinking, Matrix 9+ strategic board game, the practice of yoga, martial arts or even dance improvisation and self awareness.”

How useful an idea could be ?

Quotes Posted on 2017-02-19 19:06:53

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken answers: How useful an idea could be ?

QUOTE: ” An idea is result of a particular perception, possible thanks to certain unique skills available in the individual or collective of them that carry or create such of an idea.

Emotional intelligence for instance, intuition, wisdom, life experience, information, cultural conditions, age, knowledge, technical skills, and other unique qualities brought together into the instant of perception, at a given moment in time and circumstance, may make an idea possible to rise.

An idea is not only a conceptual elaboration or intellectual insight, it is the result of the life path and synergetic convergence of all that the individual is and carry with own self.

In that sense, an idea may become the trigger of a change of perception, or of a change in society, culture, business or government, an instruction or guidelines, a reference that may be even taken by a family, community or generation; an idea could change one’s individuals life, inspire the most unique discoveries, create bridges between disciplines, events in history, cultures, individuals, knowledge; an idea could become an strategic movement that may even save the life of one or many, or even of one species.

An idea, could become the path of a man, of a nation, it could create the destiny of a culture or even trigger a quantum leap of consciousness, expand awareness, bring individuals to own hearts and lives.

An idea, may be just a metaphor, a message, an image, a sound, or a poem, or even a math. theory, a model, a chart, or a graph, a draw or an elaborated description of a thought, a perception, emotion, experience, observation, interaction, or theory.

An idea, could be the inspiration necessary for a scientist, an entrepreneur, a leader, to do that little one more step that suddenly would become the summit of own journey.

An idea could become the first step, the path and the destination. That is how important ideas could be, become or have been, in the life of human beings. “

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