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2017 02 03rd Utrecht The Netherlnds – The LDMF Foundation shares a series of scientific research publications

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 18:08:18

Since 1993, Luis has been dedicated to study of the human potential, through the development of projects, training programs, and research on the field, study of ancient cultures and biohacking, have arrived to conclusions described in his series of e-books available at the e-library.

One series of scientific research publications have been made available through the Research gate Network, a network of Researchers specialized in natural sciences, social sciences and technology.

All the e-books and scientific publications are available at the e-Library pages and will be in 2017 made available through a subdomain of the LDMF Foundation dedicated to the e-library.

The new series of scientific publications are dedicated to the study of primordial archetypes, principles, cycles, rhythms and laws of nature, human potential, artificial intelligence, peace and human rights, DNA studies, and ancient cultures.

Most of them are available for online reading free through the LDMF Foundation website and as well at the research gate network.

2017 02 3rd – The LDMF Foundation announces the first series of LARP Games by the Matrix 9+ Game Generator

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 17:57:23

The Matrix 9+ Game Generator

It is an engine able to produce multidimensional games that enhances human perception, self-awareness and self-consciousness. the games are designed for specific purposes or focus on the development of particular skills or activation/application of own potential and capacity.

For example: leadership, perception, decision making, strategy design, emotional self-management, communication, collaboration, emotional self-management, emotional time management, self-knowledge, personal development, matrix thinking, assessment, co-creation, and others.

The first list of LARP Life Action Role Play games have been announced online in our website

2013 01 17th – Belgium, LLN – KAP Technology

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 17:47:52

In 2013 Luis will visit the city of Louvain la Nouve, and research on the KAP technology; a social management method that enhances personal development skills, through self-knwoledge and organization/management challenges, out of a communitary living/team work experience, integrated to daily life tasks and university life at a students city.

LUIS will write a booklet now available only free, and a series of vides as result of 3 months research.

The intention of creating a KAP for research in the city was discontinued as for the need of an agreement with the UCL, and the delay for communication gave LUIS no other chance but to continue projects abroad.

LUIS will be dedicated to peace work in following years, and reactivate the Kap Project in 2015 and 2016: as part of his own internship/research program: The Prime Tech Theta Kap.

The Prime Tech Theta Kap is an advanced Internship Program developed and designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken based on a research project 2013 with the collaboration and support of the Kaps of Louvain-la-Neuve University.

It follows the essential idea of the kot-à-projet (KAP) adjusted according to Prime Tech Theta Know how, applied to human resources management. (Details about the KAP Project Research below)

Advanced training is provided at the KAP Theta like:

Strategic leadership
Team building
Project Management
Personal Development
Business Management
Time Management

KAP THETA house and training is sponsored by the project up to a % according to the rank of the interns that participate.

Interns may join this community living internship training for some months, year or build up skills and experience necessary to manage the Prime Tech Theta Kaps.

The Prime Tech Theta Kaps, have been designed for the purpose of building up skills of team members for projects run by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, by applying Prime Tech Theta Know How.

2017 02 02nd Utrecht The Netherlands – The LDMF Foundation announces its the Human Rights and Peace work Projects

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 16:28:30

LDMF Foundation Human Rights & Peace Work Projects

The LDMF Foundation intent through the following documents, publications services and projects to bring awareness on peace, and develop strategies for peace. In particular we consider the Universal declaration of human rights as an instrument for peace and democracy. Non violence, ethics and responsible economy practices as practices for culture care and risk management, necessary for the development and advancement of a global culture and civilization. For the LDMF Foundation heritage and legacy are necessary, for current and future generations, survival and evolution of the human species. Please follow Urls in this page for details and more information.

2017 02 02nd – Utrecht The Netherlands – LDMF Foundation introduces the Preventive Intervention Projects

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 16:27:25

The LDMF Foundation announce its Preventive Intervention Projects

Preventive Intervention Projects involve a mixed approach which includes: research on the field, and preventive intervention into a particular issue the project intents to solve through strategy and a series of services or products.

2016 12 22nd Utrecht The Netherlands – The LDMF Foundation announces the first year of the Futurist-Coaching School

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 16:25:35

The Coaching School announces its training program, we welcome candidates to students for the year 2017.

2016 12 21st Utrecht The Netherlands – The LDMF Foundation Starts The Recruiting Program

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 16:24:07

2017 will be an intensive year for recruiting.
After completing organization and production, the LDMF Foundation wishes for a new team of qualified, eager to learn and engaged new team members for the 9 areas of projects.
Internship and training is integrated to the recruiting program.

2016 12 30th Utrecht The Netherlands – Scholarship 2017

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 16:22:42

The Scholarship 2017 has been announced, and we are glad the first candidates are applying for it

2016 11 28th The LDMF Foundation Reached 50000.00 EUR in Non Tangible Services Provided to Online Beneficiaries

Time Line Posted on 2017-02-03 13:00:52

Value of Non Tangible Services Consumed by Beneficiaries Online:

According to our stats, between August 2016 and 28th Nov. 2016, through the Campaign: Lets create a new future for humanity; the value of the non tangible services consumed online (according to the rates set in our website for fraction of an hour, read URL below)

(for only stage 1 and Stage zero):
13 x16.00 EUR = 208.00 EUR,
5000×8.00 EUR = 40000.00 EUR

(for stage 9)
81×81.00 EUR = 6561.00 EUR

Social Network Instant coaching and assessment: 43 cases, average 40 min email coaching. Value of 45 min = Individual Assessment 80.00 EUR at current rate.(See below)

Total: 3440.00 EUR (32.5 hours)

TOTAL = 50029.00 EUR

PAID To the LDMF Foundation: 0.00 EUR

Details at our website pages:
– RATES: Online Consumption Fee:
– 9+ STAGES OF LEARNING made available Online: Calculation Model:
– Individual ASSESSMENT fees:

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