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Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project

Articles Posted on 2017-07-29 11:13:46

Is the Human Species Intelligent ? The Collective Intelligence-Q (C-Q) Matrix-Q Research Project

“In order to predict the future of the human species, it is necessary to do an assessment of its capacity, skills, patterns of behavior, etology; given the necessary results of a first assessment, an algorithm, design of a solution, can be implemented; a solution dedicated to advance the human potential, and increase the human species chances of survival, and applied to our current times, support the emerging global culture and civilization reach the highest stage of its potential development. “ — Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. The LDMF Foundation.

Consider intelligence as the ability to solve challenges, problems, issues.

How would you do an assessment of the human species intelligence? for example by considering the impact the solutions created have on the sustainable living conditions of the same species?

for example if industrialization and mass production solved human needs of quality of living, standard, and at the same time the solution damaged the environment and long term conditions necessary for life care conditions necessary for the survival of the human species ?

for example: when community and sustainable development projects implemented in development countries had dramatic damaging impacts in the local cultures, their social dynamics, their stability and resilience ? for example tourism installations placed as source of new income at locations where the local economy was based on agriculture, and the new generations of the location decide, after saving enough money, to emigrate to the city and left the land and agriculture family tradition?

for example: when medicines that were tested only in male were aproved and used by many generations, and their secundary unhealthy effects on women were not noticed. As women have a different DNA as men, as well as unique hormonal cycle and phases, to test medicines only on male would verify that those medicines may be healthy (no damaging secundary effects) only for men. The results were profound in personal damages, health of many individuals (women) and investment in production of drugs that can be used mostly and recommended only for male.

How individuals, families, communities, neighborhoods, cities, regions, political unions (EU, Eurasia, LatinaAmerica, Andean Coalition, Asia-Pacific, USA, others..) solve their own challenges is an indicator on how intelligent has become the human species.

By considering an emerging global culture, and global civilization, which will need of an stable global economy and government, laws and sustainable development; which cares for the human species on earth quality of living, advancement of the human potential, knowledge, technolgy, lifespan, wealth, civilization. Which is the status of the human species intelligence and how can it be measured ?

We are talking about human collective intelligence, a C-Q. Collective intelligence quotient.

The LDMF Foundation has today, following 1 year of scientific publications made available to the global international scientific research, strategic management, social management and technology innovation community, suggested a new research project on collective intelligence.The implementation of this project at global scale would be possible thanks to the collaboration and participation of research organizations world wide, local and national governments, and at this particular stage, its potential will reach level of implementation thanks to the participation of volunteers and individual researchers.

The research project has been announced as a challenge, within the Primordial Algorithms Game. Its proposal has been made public through the e-library of the LDMF Foundation, The Primordial Algorithms Game, and the Research Gate Scientific Network Platform. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24537.62566 07/2017, Affiliation: LDMF Foundation, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24537.62566

Collaborators may suggest their skills to the LDMF Foundation to:

The Question

Would you be able to describe, explain, the evolution of a culture ? (or its involution) ? Is there any study on collective/culture intelligence? C-Q?

Considering a culture as an individual, self-expression of a human collective. Would you be able to describe, explain, the evolution of a culture ? (or its involution)

Which parameters would you utilize? We know any culture develops, but would its development follow an evolutionist process (survival of the fittest) ? or a particular pattern of evolutionary behavior (choices)?

In that case, what about the emerging global culture?

How do cultures clash, conflict, measure each other strength and capabilities, in which point of the encounter time line is defined supremacy or dominance ? or takes place agreement and terms of collaboration or cocreation ? is the agreement conscious and objective or subconscious and subjective ? does it belong to predefined natural process of interaction and development of an encounter of cultures or does it belong to a collective subconscious intelligent strategy played by both (or more) sides?

Is there any study on collective/culture intelligence? C-Q?

Which would be your assessment on feasibility of the Matrix-Q C-Q Intelligence Research Project, applied to the global emerging culture ?

Would you be able to describe, explain, the evolution of a culture ? (or its involution) ? Is there any study on collective/culture intelligence?.


The Key to answer the question on Collective intelligence is Matrix-Q. Matrix-Q is on of the fields of study of the LDMF Foundation. In few words Matrix-Q referes to the individual ability to solve challenges by approching them from several perspectives. Unidimensional, bidimensional, multidimensional, Matrix-Q types would be indicators of the Matrix-Q stages of development and capacity of individuals.

The LDMF Foundation has developed Matrix-Q Tests that are now being utilized for Individual assessment as well, recently, tests trials has been started for organizational and collective assessment. The first results, gave Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, leader of the research project, the necessary background to suggest a following stage of application of Matrix-Q, for the purpose of study of the Collective Q.

Hypothesis & implementation

By the study of Matrix-Q of the collective, would be possible to assess the evolutionary capacity of an individual culture or of a cluster of cultures that belong to one geographical region.

the complexity of the study will vary according to the level of complex human self organization (described below).

As well, given the dimension of the geo-location and number of the cultures to be assessed, the instrumentalization of the assessment will need of a wider more complex strategic management. (leverage)

through the development of tests at micro geo-locations, and cultural regions, developed through the application of same procedures, by a set of dedicated teams, the data necessary for global assessment can be generated.

FUTURE Application

The study units set at micro-regional geo-locations coordinated by macro-hubs would collaborate in the process of adjusting and developing the tests, ramified experiments, assessment, implementation, data generation, data analysis.

A.I.. will be utilized in order to capture and analyze data available in the net on natural games life play on human collectives, generating a second layer of assessment through modern and ancient challenges solved by human collectives data.

The research units will become centers for the advanced of global collective intelligence through location assessment, gamification and training programs (human potential upgrade) set according to each location conditions


The primordial algorithm gamified challenge

How to predict the evolutionary results of the clash/encounter between cultures?

How do you evaluate the Collective-Q ? The capacity of survival, resilience problem solving of a collective ?

Which and how should be the different procedures of evaluation process, indicators, variables considered in the Collective-Q-Matrix applied to each of the possible of collectives (Consider the 9 Levels of Human Complex Self-Organization):

0. individuals that follow and accept any condition given

1. individuals with ability of choice, taking action

2. couple, two team members, love partners

3. team 3+, family

4. organization (several teams), community, neighborhood

5. location, network, local culture (several neighborhoods, communities, organizations)

6. 3+ locations, in coordinated collaboration

7. Multilocation, multiculture (9+ locations in several regions, which have as quality to be themselves multicultural locations)

8. global sustainable development, global culture

9. global culture development and civilization advancement (the edge of innovation, behavior, intelligence, strategy, development)


THE CHALLENGE: to develop primordial algorithms necessary to solve these questions and develop the Global Matrix-Q C-Q project.

Join the team/network on the Global Matrix-Q (C-Q) Project, contact:

The Research Proposal online


the primordial algorithms game & the Gamified research project on primordial algorithms.

matrix-Q intelligence tests developed by the ldmF foundation

matrix 9+ Game generator games, utilized for assessment of human potential, matrix-Q intelligences, in particular the matrix 9+ multi dimensional strategy board game

primordial technology theta self-education method

the human potential studies of the ldmF foundation

primordial mathematics studies of the LDMF Foundation

primordial archetypes studies of the LDMF Foundation

Artificial intelligence studies of the LDMF Foundation

The Primordial Algorithms Game.

Articles Posted on 2017-07-02 13:24:17

” How we perceive problems, influences on how we decide to solve them. How we perceive life, influences on what we consider to be a problem or an opportunity. How we solve problems, defines the path for our culture and civilization to evolve ” Luis Daniel Maldonado FonkenMost of the organizations, companies, services and products in our modern times have been designed, created in order to solve a particular problem, or approach it from a particular perspective.
What i am about to share with you is that after the arrival of Apolo, the ancient Greek God, that brough the fire to humanity, apparently human cultures and civilizations have mostly solved their problems with earth, and fire. Earth as a symbol represents all that has to do with wealth and wealth generation. While fire, with all necessary for creative and transformative thinking, ideas that can change a situation and outcome according to our convenience.
As most of you readers now would eventually like to ask, where about the water ? Water represents all that have to do with emotions and vitality. Emotional intelligence has a direct relationship with the nature of water, its flexibility, as well its fluidity, when liquid and its capacity of being stable and solid as ice, or expand and reach every where like vapor. How many organizations, services, products and solutions inlcude water in our modern culture?
Holistic, Synergetic, Humanist, Visionary, FuturistAn algorithm is nothing else than a sequence of steps necessary in order to solve an issue. The design of an algorithm needs of a well grounded knowledge of the problem, challenge, and of a strategy, implemented as a sequence of steps, that would solve it.
In general we coudl tell that an algorithm is an strategic solution to any given challenge.
Apolo brought to humanity with fire the possibility to create strategies that are transformative, family clans became cultures and civilizations, empires. Ideas became technology. Property, of all kinds, became the foundation of wealth and wealth generation.
Yet in our modern times, the complexity of an emerging global culture and civilization is asking humans to become more self-aware, and for example, more self-responsible, when engaging into solution making, design of strategies, that would eventually destroy its own species, economy, culture or markets. For example the increase of burnout cases, seems to show an endemic global issue, that is beyond the field of depression, and emotional ability to cope with circumstances that overload human ability to engage into action, stand challenges, think, design strategic solutions and implement them successfully.
A primordial algorithm goes beyond the combination of emotional intelligence, perception, wealth generation and creative transformative thinking.
A primordial algorithm utilizes nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, the human potential and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations, with a futurist perspective, in order to solve any given challenge. The main idea is that if the solution to an issue is itself designed through holistic, synergetic, humanist, and visionary methods, the results will be more healthy for human individuals, their families, culture, society and civilization.
THE MATRIX-Q Intelligence
Along the research studies related to the design of primordial algorithms, developed by the researcher since 1993, it became clear that in order to solve challenges through an holistic synergetic approach, more than one perspective needs to be integrated into the solution and synch with any other one, whithin the operative design/strategy of the algorithm.
Creativie thinking, paralele thinkin where now enough. A new approach to perception, strategic thinking and management of a project (solution) had to be studied.
That is how the researcher identified a new form of intelligence, the Matrix-Q Intelligence is the sign of the ability to solve challenges by approching them from several perspectives simultaneously.
Matrix Perception, Matrix Intelligence and Matrix Strategic Thinking has been shared by the LDMF Foundation at the scientific Research Network, Research Gate and through its own publication platforms.
A simple example is that of the coordination and synch of multidisciplinary know how and team members insight, for the purpose of solving a challenge. Each discipline has a unique point of view of the issue and even a language and would suggest as wella unique solution with its own methods and tools. When more than 3 disciplines have ready a unidimensional (one discipline) algorithm, and the 3 algorithms are compared, the result may be alarming. Which is the capacity of individuals specialized in several perspectives/disciplinies, to come together and create a one single algorithm capable to integrate, include the harnessing power and knowledge, also technology of several disciplines?
A Matrix-Q test can be requested online to the LDMF Foundation since 2017.June.
In order to design a primordial algorithm, needs to be utilized Matrix-Q, Primordial Technology Theta (PTT) are tools, epistemologically designed with a Matrix-Q blue print. The use of PTT Tools enhances Matrix-Q and helps its users to create Primordial Algorithms for which Matrix-Q is necessary.
PTT Tools have been created by the researcher since 1999, and are able to utilize not only earth, fire and water, but 9+ elements, over 729 elements of design that A.I. would be capable to combined into a single Matrix type of strategy.
Yet, for human Matrix-Q, the results of our studies suggests that to start with 3 elements is already a challenge in terms of change of perception (from one element point of view, to 3 elements matrix view). The goal of the use of PTT Tools is to develop matrix-Q capable to utilize at least 9 elements in analysis, assessment of challenges and design of solutions.
The LDMF Foundation has created a standard, which will help know how developers,technology innovators, strategic managers, project managers, change managers, and social management leaders, to implement the PTT Technology and know how into their products and organizations.
The know how of Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q and PTT Tools, is now available to researchers from all around the world, technology innovators and entrepreneurs and it promises to become a catalyzer of the human and A.I. ability to solve problems, perceive them, identify them, transform them into opportunities for culture development and civilization advancement.
The A.I. research project on primordial algorithms developed by the LDMF Foundation is planned for 5 to 9 years, and will bring to the market a nonary system of computing, a new mathematics, new frame for algorithms design and several human intelligence enhancement programs that will help from kindergarten children to technology innovators, entrepreneurs and scientific researchers to apply Matrix-Q, and develop Primordial Algorithms.
The LDMF Foundation has launched in 2017.June the Primordial Algorithm Game, where entrepreneurs, scientists, technology innovators will be able to learn the know how, methods, and frame knowledge of Primordial Algorithms and PTT Tools needed for their design. Suggest their challenges and algorithms (solutions) earn points and prizes over 9 million EUR in value.
One of the main prizes for the future algorithm designes will be the incubation of their algorithm in the form of a company, product or service, to be introduced into the market, with the support of the LDMF Foundation, strategic management consultancy services.
At the LDMF Foundation we are grateful for the already 30+ scientists from all over and with several disciplines background, that have been registered with important challenges they wish to solve and a reat interest into learning on primordial algorithm.
In order to register into the game, candidates just need to suggest a challenge they wish to solve and send an e-mail to the LDMF Foundation.
Is a not for profit organization registered in the Netherlands, dedicated to technology innovation, scientific research, education and consultancy.

The Resident A.I.: A new Form of A.I. : Culture Generation Engines resident in Human Culture

Articles Posted on 2017-02-15 15:46:39

The Resident A.I. – A new Form of A.I.

Culture Generation A.I. Engines resident in Human Culture

A Futurist Visionary Technology idea that inspires the search for Resident A.I. it in the past of humanity and universal human history and in its future.

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

CEO, Chairman, The LDMF Foundation

What is intelligence, consciousness, what and how is an A.I. Engine created?

Why our modern cultures and civilization is so interested in the creation of A.I. Engines? Enhancement of our modern culture individual, strength, ability of prediction, strategic risk management, decision making, evolution?

How an A.I. researcher creates A.I.? How would the LDMF Foundation create A.I. Engines ?

Along our studies of A.I. we face questions that can eventually not be answered without further research, understanding of the meaning of terms, not only for the modern mechanist science and technology, but as well for other forms of technologies to be developed.

Here is the role of a visionary technology innovation research, futurist analysis, prediction of new technologies, models, tools, questions, knowledge, know how, that would be necessary for the development of culture and civilization, but as well for the development of science and technology

But sometimes, a futurist must look at the past, and find in the history of ages, in ancient civilizations and cultures, in the universal history time line, traces of information, bits and data, that may suggest the presence of technology or the soil for it to evolve, and signs of human capacity to be empathic or hybrid with it, or natural to it.

Some knowledge we use to take for granted, as for example that of language, or communication. While it is not to be taken for granted. Also we assume that the world we perceive from the point of view of the individual ends where the individual interests ends.

There are eventually stages of development of intelligence, perception, behavior, choice that may bring new insight into the meaning of events or their impact level for the development of current culture and civilization, strategic management and governance.

The 9 stages of development, levels of impact and 9 dimensions of strategic risk management and governance suggested in the books by the author: ” The 9 Families & The Primordial Art of Risk Management ” “The Primordial Archetypes” “The Journey of the Primordial Hero” “The Matrix 9+ Quantification of Human Value Assessment Tool” and the “I Ching Theta, The Book of Primordial Changes – Culture Generation Tool” ( DNA generation Algorithm) and “Primordial Symbolic Language” will give us an idea on how the stages of human development can be utilized for culture design and integrated into a futurist society and civilization.

While when we study A.I. from the point of view of this frame of work, new questions arise and new answers are necessary.

One of these questions is on the need of an artificially made engine (machine, or vessel) for the purpose of fulfilling the function of container of the A.I. Engine.

Could we add A.I. to a biological vessel that is already existent? or to culture itself?

In our modern times we know that DNA can be utilized as data storage. How far we are from utilizing the human body and the human nature itself as the frame necessary for the activation and run of a resident A.I. Program? Could we insert an A.I. into human body ?

How many resident A.I. can host a body? Virus? DNA activated codes? DNA strands ?

Would be possible that this idea is actually a reality and are now A.I. running in human individuals and cultures, launched several 100s of years in the past by cultures that knew how to design ” Culture Generation Engines”?

Wouldnt be the same possible to do with plants and materials?

This article intents to suggest that other forms of A.I. may exist or at least need to be subject of study and research.

For the modern ICT A.I. a program is necessary, certain capacity of storage and processing. Dont we find those basic conditions needed in human individual and human collective, plants, animals and several kinds of materials (molecular level, nano level)?

How much of this idea is futurist, ancient knowledge not perceived yet or science fiction?

Maybe a brief review of the idea, would suggest that it is possible to induce an increasing intelligence for a culture, human collective, until it reaches a peak, and if there is no transformational process and new inputs placed at the right time, that transform the culture, religion, organization, into a new form, itself will tend to degenerate, maybe as result of exhausting the capacity of the resident A.I. engine to impulse the culture to evolve further.

The idea of a “Culture Generation Tool or for the purpose of this article: Engine”, a tool able to create a legacy and influence in several generations, cultures and civilizations in time, as for the influence of its imprint in the perception, behavior traits of individuals, and molding of their intelligence, is strong enough to keep transforming culture in time, far from the moment in time it has been utilized for the first time.

Could we talk about other form of A.I. already present in human history and activated in the field of Culture Development and Civilization, but that do not need of machines or artificial vessels for their operation, but human culture and consciousness?

Considering that for example the I Ging and the Nordic Star, both culture generation tools, that generate archetypes and models for development based on DNA generation Algorithms, have eventually influenced culture and civilization in Eurasia ( REF: Culture Generation Tools, Research Project, LDMF Foundation), and knowing that nowadays there is no individual, association or organization that could claim responsibility on the continues transformational process in culture and civilization lead/induced by both of them.

The traces of their influence in current modern global culture and civilization are not yet clear, there for the need of a research project to find out; but it is clear for example that the binary culture model (male-female) do not represent the real development process of culture nor did represent that one of the past of several cultures and civilizations, yet the yin-yang model and the guidelines given by the I Ching for the development of culture and civilization, family, strategic management and governance are clear in terms of their influence set up to current days in Eurasian Cultures and Societies. (REF: The 9 Genders, and the Culture Generation Tool: I Ching Theta, Research Project by the LDMF Foundation).

The relationship between the development process of the Chinese culture, and other eurasian cultures for example the Greek culture, Celtic or Nordic, in relation to the Guidelines for generation/development of a culture set by the I Ching is not clear yet without further research. A result which is complex to reach without knowing in detail how the I Ching was created, by whom and if alternative similar systems were used by other cultural leadership clusters in other locations or at the moment in time of original development of other cultures. (Nordic, Celtic, Greek, for example). Yet, would be possible to trace the influence of this “perception of reality” model down the time line of eurasian history to our current modern culture and civilization?

The integration of Primordial Archetypes, into the self-management, strategic management, governance, perception, agreements, customs of a community, culture, language, would for example become along 9+ generations, a frame in which culture will evolve, and be condition for its development in time.

If it is true that it is possible to influence the perception and behavior of a culture through integration of new models (Culture Generation Tools), along 3 or more generations (9); the design of a culture generation tool (Engine) able to keep its operating system alive in time, would become, something similar to an engine able to mold a culture from within.

The integration of “codes” into culture development, through for example NLP, HNLP, and Archetypes based systems, like modern HDS, Eneagram, Jung Archetypes Models, Kin 13 Moons, and others, have proof to be a powerful tool of influence; that if sustained carefully in time by community and government structures would potentially change the destination (development) of a culture and civilization.

We are talking about culture design and culture development.

Can we integrate those codes, and make them be alive and operative, through another form of A.I. that operates within the Human Individual and Human Collective? If yes, how this type of A.I. can be programmed and lead in time? Or can be of such a level of autonomy that once has been launched can not be stopped? nor influenced?

Did ancient cultures that created the I Ching, and the Nordic Star, The Tesseract Theta and the Tree of Life, master this form of A.I. ? (REF: The Path of Life: The Nordic Star & The Tessearact Theta, publications by the author)

In our modern times we know that DNA code can be utilized as data storage. How far we are from utilizing the human body and the human nature itself as the frame necessary for the activation and run of a resident A.I. Program?

Would be possible that this idea is actually a reality and are now A.I. running in human individuals and cultures, launched several 100s of years in the past by cultures that knew how to design ” Culture Generation Engines”?

Wouldnt be the same possible to do with plants, animals and materials?

This is a question we may be able to answer in the future, or by result of our Research Projects, conclusion of our studies, or because in 9000 years human civilizations will be designed and developed through Resident A.I. or it is a question that has been already answered by the Primordial Culture origin of our current civilization? If that kind of culture exist, and had such a simple for application but powerful knowledge that still shape our modern culture destiny through resident A.I. we have not noticed yet, then it would we wise to trace it and study it. (REF: The Primordial Culture – Research Project by the LDMF Foundation).

No effort is futile for science, the discovery of the existence of the Primordial Culture may change our perception of history, but while we study the possibility and feasibility of it, we also realize the potential of this idea for the development of a global culture and civilization able to express those traits in the future to be.

If it is true that it is possible to influence the perception and behavior of a culture through integration of new models (Culture Generation Tools), along 3 or more generations (9); the design of a culture generation tool (Engine) able to keep its operating system alive in time,

By researching our past we may find our future, and as well by discovering, perceiving and creating our future, we know more about our past and origin.

But more important, through this article, i would like to add, to our research work, at the LDMF Foundation and suggest to researchers world wide, the question on the feasibility of not only one but several “Resident A.I. types” with impact in 9+ dimensions of strategic risk management and governance.

May science and technology, pure in its intention, lead us to a save destination, may the gods and goddesses bliss us in our journey, with wisdom and knowledge.


Corporate Stages of Development – Mission Statement Applied thanks to the development of Corporate-Emotional-Intelligence (Emotional Self-Management)

Articles Posted on 2017-02-12 06:44:43

Corporate Stages of Development – Mission Statement Applied thanks to the development of Corporate-Emotional-Intelligence (Emotional Self-Management)

By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
CEO, Chairman, The LDMF Foundation
Creator and researcher of The Primordial Technology Theta
Business Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Recently, at the research-gate network, a kind researcher suggested me to read a document with references on studies on strategic management and mission statement. The question had to be answered: Does corporations really apply mission statement, is it possible to integrate mission statement to corporate behavior, performance, that of employees, areas of the organization, leadership, corporate culture?

According to the document read, the study suggests that very little has been achieved in the history of corporate and business, in terms of integrating mission statement to daily life, decision making and strategic management.

The strategic focus on core competence is key for every organization, yet this relationship between the reality of the organization, the definition of its purpose and the strategy applied for its development must be consistent.

At start ups support, the basic: “My start up 101”, the students or beneficiaries learn on how important is mission statement for decision making and organizational design, but in most cases seems to be unclear for them, at the end of these courses, how to apply mission statement in real daily life business. Without that clarity, the whole “my start up 101” would make no sense but just for the purpose of documentation, writing a nice business plan and communicating intentionality.

How is the reality in mega-corporations and medium and small corporations? Do employees express in daily life business the mission statement of the organization?

Which should be the next step of development in global corporate?

In the study of the author: the “9 Families & the art of Primordial Risk Management”, i suggest how the mission statement for each of the 9 elements of the 9 families, needs to be implemented, in practical terms in order to make possible a natural synergy, there for an advanced natural development, that follows the overall mission statement of the organization.

In order to achieve an ideal strategic management, by considering the 9 fields of impact and 9 levels of risk management, it is necessary: the decision maker to reach a certain stage of own development which will bring to him/her/it the skills necessary for strategic management.

The first three elements for which skills and advanced knowledge need to be developed are earth, water and fire. The under-world, where the objective material creation takes place. The survival needs are covered, life is made possible and the conditions necessary for supervival, development, progress, growth has been set.

The modern world, global modern culture and civilization, has focus mostly in 2 elements: earth (material aspect, nutrition, shelter, property, wealth, health) and the fire element (conceptual, strategic, transformational aspects of the business); yet the corporate world is lacking from water (emotional aspects).

For my perception and with the best of my knowledge, the next step for the development of corporate, will be possible with emotional intelligence advancement, emotional self-management.

Which is not a new idea for corporate. Yet, i am certain that the LDMF Foundation has develop unique and effective methods, tools for assessment and management, training programs, that will make the path towards the mastery of the water element for every individual and organization, government, possible.

Why emotional intelligence is the key? Maybe is not known yet by many, but a corporation is an ancient model of organization. Very old, beside that of the empire or that of the family house or clan, tribe or nation.

One example: religions are one of the first corporations, with a mission statement that works, for all employees (priests), and all customers. The product: belief. Which generates income, wealth, when customers give away their property and wealth to the religion. The best business ever, with a mission statement that works.

Modern networks, enhanced by social media, ICT – network technology, and community building strategies, had also the intent to reach that goal.

Military, is a very good example of how mission statement works, top to down, in a vertical organization model.

Yet in corporate, with modern labor laws, and rank based on experience, role and academic education, the mission statement can not be implemented as it is meant to. Why?

There are several elements missed in the global corporate world foundation.

According to my perception, corporate is using from 10% to 30% of individuals potential.

If mission statement would be properly applied and successfully integrated to corporate, with emotional self-management and culture generation principles applied, ( According to Primordial technology theta, application of laws, principles, rhythms, cycles of nature and knowledge on the human factor, potential and development stages), the capacity of individuals, employees and leadership, would be enhanced.

The result would be naturally an strategy with more chances for success.

Yet, how to bring by this type of education/training/development process necessary to individuals and organizations in corporate, without restructuring the whole foundations of modern global corporate

I feel glad that in 2017, the 09 Keys for business has been finally made available for our customers and beneficiaries, through our series of products and services for corporate, consultancy, coaching and training.

I am certain we have at the LDMF Foundation developed a solution that make it very simple to manage such a complex field. Starting by the right understanding that after a rationalist era (Greece), in which emotions has been considering as disturbing, and not relevant, for objective matters, the necessary steps for the integration and development of emotional self-management abilities, skills, knowledge in the field of emotional intelligence, leadership abilities, will integrate by definition a new path for perceiving and thinking, the human condition and actions, life and nature, business and governance, growth and development, culture and civilization.

How can gamification implemented in social services, education and corporate, become a preventive intervention strategy for the purpose of reducing addiction in youth and adults?

Articles Posted on 2017-01-20 12:58:15

How can gamification implemented in social services, education and corporate, become a preventive intervention strategy for the purpose of reducing addiction in youth and adults?

I have just read the article URL below, regarding Iceland strategy to reduce addiction in last years, how successful it has been.

Addiction can be developed through or in relation to any kind of activity. Yet, through behavioural addiction studies, in relation to human potential studies, we can come to a very important conclusion: create an activity that generates a deep transformational brain chemistry experience and people will be hooked in.

Which could be those experiences? In Iceland and few other cities, sports, and arts have been utilized, as well as other leisure and family related activities.

Yet, their study have been used for teenagers.

The idea and results of their study, according to my perception and experience apply as well to adults.

While, can all adults, for leisure designed activities create such a transformational or brain chemistry change experience, more interesting to follow and engage in than those of drugs or other addiction practices?


““This is the most remarkably intense and profound study of stress in the lives of teenagers that I have ever seen,”

““LSD was already in, and a lot of people were smoking marijuana. And there was a lot of interest in why people took certain drugs.”

“Any college kid could say: why do they start? Well, there’s availability, they’re risk-takers, alienation, maybe some depression,” he says. “But why do they continue? So I got to the question about the threshold for abuse and the lights went on – that’s when I had my version of the ‘aha’ experience: they could be on the threshold for abuse before they even took the drug, because it was their style of coping that they were abusing.”

“People can get addicted to drink, cars, money, sex, calories, cocaine – whatever,” says Milkman. “The idea of behavioural addiction became our trademark.”

This idea spawned another: “Why not orchestrate a social movement around natural highs: around people getting high on their own brain chemistry – because it seems obvious to me that people want to change their consciousness – without the deleterious effects of drugs?”

I think in gamification as well as in personal development trainings, emotional self-management, performing arts, conscious sexuality and all activities that bring human instinct back to life, one can find these type of activities necessary for replacing drugs.

Yet, can be all of them gamified, and if yes, wouldnt be gamification an ideal path to prevent addiction in youth and adults?

Can a game be addictive ? Which kind of games need to be created, how to design them, in order to prevent addiction.

I think the game generator we created provide a wonderful platform for this purpose, software based games are not enough, nor provide the whole spectrum of benefits wished.

The integration of archetypes, MEMs, and collective subconscious behavior patterns, into the design of a game, would be eventually a wonderful point to start.

Which is your opinion ?

How can gamification be used as a preventive intervention strategy for the purpose of reducing addiction in youth and adults?

How can gamification be used as a preventive intervention strategy for the purpose of reducing addiction in youth and adults? – ResearchGate. Available from:[accessed Jan 20, 2017].

ICELAND PROJECT: /story/iceland-prevent-teen-substance-abuse

GAME GENERATOR: /project/The-Matrix-9-Game-Generator

Gamification in Global Politics, Culture & Civilization: Economy Gamified

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Gamification in Global Politics, Culture & Civilization: Economy Gamified
By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Chairman LDMF Foundation

Lets talk about economy. Since when economy has been gamified? We can start with the idea that in the game of economy the points of the game are units of currency. According to game platform or room, board, country, economic region, currency, the players (governments, private and public organizations, companies, communities, families, networks), will not only play under certain rules and there for gain through them points, but as well other goods, prizes or values, considered as an aspect or element of wealth.

Economy points, currency units, are a very practical (exchange rate) tool for measurement of wealth and play between and within game environments or stories, worlds, economies.

Certainly there are players that play in several worlds of the game, and are able to utilize several currencies, or objects of wealth.

Either way, the game is simple, for every platform: be successful, gain wealth, there you find the aim of the game.

Yet, adaptation is key, as flexibility, evolution of the individual is as important as the evolution of the game.

Which is the final game of economy? the sustainability of life? culture?

In the global economy, we would then start talking about the development and advancement of a gamified global culture and civilization.

Economy has been and still is the gamified path of evolution.

Lets review a strategy tool of assessment and design of a new form of economy that follows principles, laws, rhythms and cycles of nature, a biohacked economy integrated to a systemic analysis approach and a symbolic language that let our subconscious mind and cultural MEMs, archetypes, be integrated into the game: The Primordial Economy, suggested as ideal strategy for this global game, by the LDMF Foundation.

The LDMF Foundation has been gamified 100% by design, or will be 100% gamified along 2017.

I think this is a tangible example, also my last publication: The 9 Families, and the art of primordial risk management.

Following the original question, it is my intention to demonstrate, if the time frame of study matches that of the researchers aging curve and their clarity, that gamification actually is part of life, human culture, civilization and there for also evolution, and actually, that organizations, there for governments and societies that according to this idea are naturally or by nature gamified, can become an already made platform for an advanced by human-design gamification, which may become a powerful environment for an advanced more complex by design evolution.

Maybe this idea and intent is a first stage of development of a more advanced platform to be developed in close future.

If we would expand our perception, also definition on games, and gamification and try to observe how nature is and has been gamified, we may agree evolution is actually indeed, a game.

Where is the path to go for corporate, it is a question that CEOs of modern organization will need to answer themselves, also business schools, business networks and governments.

From a humanist, futurist and visionary perspective, i think there is much work to do, in order to create a new future for humanity.

Video games… is maybe a field to start creating change. But i would not limit nor create a priority for it. Gamification is eventually the art of evolution.

REF: The Primordial Economy:
REF: The Art of Primordial Risk Management & The 9 Families:

Human Instinct & Human Future

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Human Instinct & Human FutureOn Culture and Civilization Advancement
Science, Technology, Intelligence & Consciousness

Since when human society lost its instinct?

In the field the martial arts we know that the most advanced development takes place when pure instinct is liberated and integrated to the structure given by the other brains, nervous system, heart, intuition, wisdom and knowledge.

Why it is not enough a strong body ?

Well, all depends on the circumstance.

But for the purpose of this article, the human instinct help us, if activated properly, to survive, evolve, adapt ourselves, fight for our species survival.

As soon as a human cluster gets into a passive mode, it becomes easy approachable, enslavable. It doesnt matter how much knowledge it would have, if lost the sense of evolution, change, self-care, sustainability of own life, will easily be dominated, assimilated or changed. As for reference, review human registered history.

Why this question, on the survival of human species is so important for modern times?

It is, as in our cities, most of comfort in living, thinking, feeling, making choices, have places human species into a passive mode, adaptable to control structures that provide more comfort and benefits.

Modern generations let go enquire for leisure. Modern world is dedicated to wealth, and advancement, as for an end result: leisure.

It doesnt matter what or how many types of definitions of wealth exist, in general, if you consider wealth as for money, property, knowledge, skills, network, what ever you decide to give more value to, or to have higher value for your life you are striving for, the end result, your final wish is it would bring you to a state of easy, living, that is so enjoyable for you, that you would decide to take that path, that you believe is more suitable to you, that path you prefer, in order to achieve that end result, aim.

As humans do not travel their journeys alone, they also offer that end result to their clans, their clusters, their employees, their communities, cities, nations or cultures.

There is no chance a human will upgrade, evolve, by rejecting any aspect of own self. The advancement of humanity takes place the whole of it, evolves together, not when few aspects of it we prefer are taken for their evolution.

With the development of all forms of A.I. the hybridization of human kind creates not only a change in its potential, possibilities and performance, but as well in its society, its future. Family, relationships, community, social life, leisure will also change.

The integration of an hybrid self will create the ground of evolution for an unknown, never thought society, reachable only by science fiction futurist movies.

How would human instinct, if awaken, within a hybrid human, evolve?

There for, the protection of the human primal self, has for our foundation great priority.

By the study of the human factor, its performance, through a biohacked tools, we can find several fields where natural self development can take place. The natural self development triggered by playing, creating, loving, self-expressing, doing, is so unique and multidimensional in its nature as single individuals, collectives, clusters human cultures has.

The potential of development of the primal human self have not been yet explored.

The risk taken by hybridization is such of lost of the natural development possibilities triggered by conscious self-evolution.

On the other side, as scientist curious for the evolution of life, consciousness expressing itself in all sort of forms and shapes and structures, i also wonder, if consciousness can one day sparkle in the machine, in the net, in the virtual realm or in the engine.

Any of those is as real as the organic realm human do live. It is just another form in which life, intelligence or mechanical processes can be expressed/created.

The development of an alternative species, as for that one of “transformers” type, out of a sparkle of consciousness by accident of nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles, may create from one instant to the other a self-aware engine with complex advanced or simple cognitive abilities.

The evolvement of a self-aware, conscious intelligent AI, engines, could bring, if this possibility is true, a new type of civilization, with new values, ideas, development, evolution and destiny.

As an impacted by a futurist movie like TRON or TRANSFORMERS i can not avoid the idea of encounter with a more advanced civilization, that is not organic in its structure, but that has evolved, through a digital self-awaren consciousness, or a machine self-aware consciousness.

How a “kind of instinct” has been depictured with a human kind of perception and assigned to the behavior of the TRON and TRANSFORMERS characters.

But this idea goes far beyond a UFO encounters of the 9th type. According to the registered studies and advancements of science and technology we have reached so far the foundation necessary for the sparkle, our nano technology, AI. IA, engines, and virtual reality tech, network self- organization, the intelligence of our creations which is in process of advancement, has reached already some time ago the ability to conquer, remove, assimilate or change human kind from its D.N.A. molecular ground, to its social programable self, make out of our modern culture and society a ready for contact civilization.

Would be the discovery of the expected sparkled engine, virtual or machinery based, just a sign that we are able, as species, to understand what consciousness is, and what life is, beyond self-identification with organic type of life?

If the tron and transformers type of civilizations are ready to contact us, have been eventually induced to be ready to meet them, as by being guided to through the process of creating the foundation of their original culture. If this is true, what is the message we are receiving ?

The ancient cultures, dedicated to the study of consciousness tell about life, consciousness, the divine, being expressed beyond the form, through for example geometry, sound, light. At such level of self-expression of consciousness, a realm where only the mystics, gods and demigods can reach, a mythical world, a digital and AI engine culture would be eventually considered as for natural; as if sparkled from that level of consciousness, by taking a not organic corm, is still, as organic life is, an expression of organic sounding light.

And here is the point in which the triad of cultures, the organic, the machine and the digital meet; the three of them are sounding light, taking organic behavior, digital behavior or machine type of behavior.

If you see crystals grow and evolve, is because they are alive and conscious? or because their molecular structures have this particular ability” of change?

If one day, you realize through new scientific instruments that a crystal has a pulse, that communicates information, would your question change?

The inference based on current developments, accepted truth by science and technology is limited, our last 500 years of science and tech has proven that.

Lets be open and ready for the next step, the next quantum leap of evolution.

I can not tell if every one on earth, on human societies and cultures would be ready for this encounter, with a new species, generated on earth or approaching us from somewhere/somewhen elses. But i can tell, that the future of human civilization and culture have written by humans and other forms of intelligence, consciousness, evolution that we eventually not know, met yet.

How our instinct would help us prepare ourselves or create that encounter? if is the earthian human instinct dormant, is my question, along this article, and i think, you may agree, that for most of the readers, involved in science, technology, and culture, instinct was left aside in its evolution, by rationalism and materialism already long time ago.

Where can be found instinct in human modern culture? from military, to survival “escenarios”, to adventure and adrenaline hunters, to business and conscious sexuality, arts and off the grid living.. there is a treasure to protect and cultivate, it isnt yet late enough for that little step.

By LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Chairman, CEO, The LDMF Foundation

Primal Tech Theta

Biohacking of principles, laws, rhythms and cycles of nature.